Do We Actually Know What We Should Eat?

I would like to believe that we Americans actually know what we should eat for a healthy diet. If that is true then why are so many Americans obese and why are so many in poor health because they are over eating the wrong foods?   It is a fact that mass production and marketing… Read More »

Keto diet to build muscle

If glycogen stores are low during exercise, this could compromise energy availability and limit performance. Of course not — You can still refill glycogen stores in muscles by following a ketogenic diet. Eating low carb, and eating when hungry, can be considered a weight- normalizing diet or lifestyle. Each athlete decreased their body weight, their… Read More »

Pubmed diet milk fats secondary coronarty artery disease

Bucher et al. A recent meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials concluded that replacing saturated fatty acids with mostly n—6 polyunsaturated fatty acids is unlikely to reduce CHD events, CHD mortality, or total mortality and provided evidence that the benefits reported in earlier meta-analyses are due to the inclusion of inadequately controlled trials Intake of lactobacillus… Read More »

Decisions on coronavirus must be guided by ethics and not just science

The mantra from ministers is “we follow the science”. But the increasing failure to serve all people of the ­nation equally suggests there should be another and equally important mantra – “we follow the ethics”. I’m increasingly disturbed by the unfairness in the way the Government is tackling the pandemic. Its lack of transparency about… Read More »