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Science diet kd wet cat food

English Choose a language for shopping. Description Hills Prescription Diet KD Kidney Care Wet Food for Adult Cats is a carefully balanced diet to support cats with kidney disorders; to help extend and strongly improve their quality of life. Add to Cart. Secure transaction. I wish I had known about the diet earlier. Leslie Day.… Read More »

Convalescent plasma: another controversial clash of politics & science

You’d need a pretty big, stiff broom to sweep away all of the hype dished out by the Trump Administration as it announced an Emergency Use Authorization for convalescent plasma – the liquid component of blood that may be tapped for disease-fighting antibodies from people who’ve been infected with COVID-19. Before the announcement was even… Read More »

Decisions on coronavirus must be guided by ethics and not just science

The mantra from ministers is “we follow the science”. But the increasing failure to serve all people of the ­nation equally suggests there should be another and equally important mantra – “we follow the ethics”. I’m increasingly disturbed by the unfairness in the way the Government is tackling the pandemic. Its lack of transparency about… Read More »