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Virus lockdown must be strict, experts say as people worry about livelihood

Moreover, public health experts say that a weeklong lockdown is not going to help much in reducing the number of COVID-19 cases. People must follow the health rules strictly, the experts say. An ongoing lax lockdown, which is to end on Sunday night, appears to be failing to bring expected results with people largely violating… Read More »

Long covid: Why are some people sick months after catching the virus?

By Jessica Hamzelou Vanessa Branchi THE argument for naturally obtained herd immunity as a solution to the coronavirus pandemic has made a return in recent weeks. But letting the virus spread among younger people, who are less likely to die from covid-19, could lead to devastating consequences. Estimates suggest that there could already be millions… Read More »

Virus alert for Macca’s restaurant

A person with COVID-19 visited popular locations in NSW, including a Woolworths, McDonalds, Bunnings, and Ikea. NSW Health issued a public health alert on Tuesday afternoon urging anyone who has visited the key sites to get tested for coronavirus. The shops and restaurants are in southwest Sydney, and a pop-up clinic has been rolled out… Read More »