Tyler Cameron Admits His “Dating Nightmare” Happened With Ex Hannah Brown

By | June 20, 2021

Warning: Next time you want to go horseback riding for a date, think again. Former Bachelorette contestant and all-around fan-favorite Tyler Cameron is getting real about his “nightmare” dating experience with Hannah Brown. Tyler appeared on Us Weekly‘s “Worst Date Ever” series to promote his upcoming book, You Deserve Better.

During Hannah B.’s season, the exes went on a one-on-one date in the Netherlands. They rode horses, obvs, but it wasn’t the best experience for Tyler. “That was a dating nightmare,” he admitted. “I’m not really good with horses. I’m much better now, I’ve gotten to be good with the horses.”

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He revealed that he was “freaked out the whole time” and remembered “squeezing the horses so tight” with his legs. “When I got off the horse, my legs were just shaking,” Tyler added, “If I wanted to go left, it would go right. If I wanted to go forward, it would go back. So, I could never get close to Hannah.”

It wasn’t a great date (despite how it looked on TV). “I was like, ‘This is the dumbest date I’ve ever been a part of,’” he said, adding that Hannah was “mad” at him because they couldn’t able to talk. “She told me she wanted to send me home that night! She thought something was wrong,” he revealed.

Yiiiiikes. Luckily, he wasn’t eliminated that night and ended up being the runner-up during her season. Hannah B.’s short-lived engagement with Jed Wyatt left her quarantining with Taylor during the beginning of the pandemic. They’re not together, but they’re “still cool” with each other.

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I guess the horses didn’t do that much damage after all.

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