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Decolonising contraception: focusing on equality and justice in sexual and reproductive health

Dr Annabel Sowemimo is the founder and director of Decolonising Contraception, a non-profit organisation led by people of colour. It aims to raise awareness about the historical and socio-economic barriers faced by people accessing sexual and reproductive care. We spoke to Annabel about the work of the collective and its plans for the coming year.… Read More »

Bbc health mediterranean diet

Diets A balanced mediterranean is the key to maintaining a healthy body, in the UK, it is recommended that we eat bbc portions of fruit and vegetables a day balanced with carbs, health or diary alternatives, beans, pulses and mediterranean. New: A bbc, unread, unused book in perfect condition with no missing or damaged pages.… Read More »

Health standards organizations help codify novel coronavirus info

As part of the global effort to manage and contain the coronavirus response, two global health standards organizations have introduced new content. Regenstrief Institute and SNOMED International, are supporting care teams globally to code and track SARS-CoV-2 testing and COVID-19 cases, and by extension support clinicians and researchers in their efforts to address its containment.… Read More »

Cities declare racism a health crisis, but some doubt impact

Loading the player… CHICAGO (AP) — Christy DeGallerie noticed a startling trend in her online group for coronavirus survivors: White patients got medications she’d never heard of, were offered X-rays and their doctors listened to their concerns. That wasn’t her experience. When the 29-year-old Black woman sought a COVID-19 test at a New York emergency… Read More »

The Trump health update that raises more questions

A brief press conference at Walter Reed Medical Center on Saturday sought to provide answers, but may only have raised more questions about President Trump’s clinical status since his COVID-19 diagnosis. The main point of contention between White House physician Sean Conley, DO, and reporters was if the president ever received supplemental oxygen. Conley said… Read More »