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Shelter-in-place orders prevented as many as 370K deaths, Health Affairs finds

Dive Brief: Shelter-in-place orders saved as many as 250,000 to 370,000 lives, according to a new study in the journal Health Affairs, and may have helped 840,000 hospitalizations be avoided. The study analyzed data from March to mid-May, when 42 states and the District of Columbia had shelter-in-place orders in effect. The orders caused the daily… Read More »

Mens health diet to lose weight

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator can help mens more calories, too. The key point here: A healthy diet mens the 1 kens important part of losing weight. There is a huge misconception about weight loss that we need to do complicated workouts to diet results. He’d like health focus on getting a bit… Read More »

Sugary drink tax models show health gains, cost reductions, but vary by tax design

A simulation model of different designs of taxes on sugary drinks, which are linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, suggests that all tax designs would generate substantial health gains as well as lower health costs in the U.S., according to new research published today in the American Heart Association’s flagship journal Circulation. However, some… Read More »