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So, This Is What a $3,000 Emsculpt Butt Lift Actually Looks Like

If you’re obsessed with your butt, you miiiiight have heard of Emsculpt, the first non-invasive treatment FDA-approved about a year ago for lifting and strengthening your glutes with the help of a fancy electromagnetic technology called HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic field). Unlike most booty-enhancing procedures, this tech focuses on your muscles instead of fat, like… Read More »

Watch This Plastic Surgeon Break Down All the Ways Men Are Modifying Their Private Parts

Insecurity around penis size is something that a lot of men experience. In fact, it’s common enough that penis dysmorphia is now a recognized disorder. But it’s not just size. As Dr. Anthony Youn explains in a recent video on his YouTube channel, more and more guys are undergoing cosmetic surgery to enhance the appearance… Read More »

Great outdoors: The gyms moving classes outside this summer — and why it’s more fun that way

It’s Monday evening and I’m in a tent in a suburban Dublin car park, wearing headphones and spinning my heart out on an exercise bike. It’s not quite the traditional gym class that we’re used to — this is Dartry Health Club’s inaugural ‘silent disco’ spinning class, held outdoors to comply with Covid regulations. round me,… Read More »