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Women living with HIV in wealthy countries need to be given more information around bottle feeding

A Canadian study aimed at researching the attitudes of mothers living with HIV has found that more support and education is needed around the recommendation to bottle feed their infants. This is particularly true for women who have moved to wealthy countries from low-income countries, where infant care is completely different and women are told… Read More »

More than 200 days in, COVID-19 is taking a psychological toll, and that’s entirely normal

Article content continued University of Regina psychology professor Dr. Gordon Asmundson: “The psychological footprint of the pandemic is likely as big, if not bigger, than the medical footprint.” Photo by Brandon Harder/Postmedia/File Psychotherapy, now more accessible than ever via virtual care, can help people cope with abnormal stressors, Frances says. What he doesn’t support is… Read More »

Does keto diet make you urinate more

You can easily accomplish this by making sure you are drinking plenty of water to thirst diet salting your food liberally and to taste. However, some keto report that just being in a state of ketosis can reduce appetite. On average, the body stores grams of carbohydrates as glycogen within the muscle and liver urinate.… Read More »

The Trump health update that raises more questions

A brief press conference at Walter Reed Medical Center on Saturday sought to provide answers, but may only have raised more questions about President Trump’s clinical status since his COVID-19 diagnosis. The main point of contention between White House physician Sean Conley, DO, and reporters was if the president ever received supplemental oxygen. Conley said… Read More »