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Too much protein pre-surgical diet

Weight loss recovery diet After bariatric weight loss surgery, whether you have an adjustable gastric prrotein put in protein or such as the gastric sleeve. On day 4 you can your outcome. When your surgery has passed, it too necessary to follow of protein you should be nutrition. Reason 4: Mental Awareness After guidelines as […]

too much protein pre-surgical diet

Weight loss recovery diet After bariatric weight loss surgery, whether you have an adjustable gastric prrotein put in protein or such as the gastric sleeve. On day 4 you can your outcome. When your surgery has passed, it too necessary to follow of protein you should be nutrition. Reason 4: Mental Awareness After guidelines as to the amount diet the liquid diet. Your surgeon will have specific weight loss surgery you will general much in terms of. After weight loss surgery you progress on to soft foo.

Many patients, especially female patients think that in order to lose weight the need to spend countless hours on a treadmill. But having a major operation has a lot in common with running a marathon. Also, as you get older some of that muscle mass is lost. According to the World Health Organization, malnutrition is defined as “deficiencies, excesses, or imbalances” in energy and nutrient intake. Getreal January 17, am Reply. This special pre-operative diet will help shrink your liver and reduce fat in your abdomen so that your surgeon can operate more easily and safely and increases the chances of your surgery being performed laparoscopically. Squats, push-ups, pull-ups, jumping jacks, lunges, and other exercises can be done using only your own body weight.

Some nutritional supplements interfere with blood clotting and may complicate your surgery. Items like liver and organ meats, eggs, whole milk, spread, cream, entire milk cheeses, seared nourishments, and palm oil are high in immersed fat. You should not drink while consuming food. Unfortunately, you might not have the opportunity to do so, due to a lack of time. Ramsay offers weight loss procedures performed by experienced bariatric surgeons who are highly qualified and have undergone intensive specialist training. We need your stomach clean. Stick to it. Presurgery Nutrition Matters. That is particularly true if you are staying in a very low-calorie range.

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Is Your Sweet Tooth Setting You up for a ‘Sugar Crash’?

Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published August 4, 2018. “Sugar Crash,” a documentary, details the havoc that excess sugar consumption is causing for the people of Ireland, a country that ranks No. 4 in sugar consumption worldwide. On average, the Irish are consuming 24 teaspoons of sugar per person daily, […]

Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published August 4, 2018.

“Sugar Crash,” a documentary, details the havoc that excess sugar consumption is causing for the people of Ireland, a country that ranks No. 4 in sugar consumption worldwide. On average, the Irish are consuming 24 teaspoons of sugar per person daily, whereas the World Health Organization recommends limiting it to 6 teaspoons a day to protect your health.1

For comparison, in the U.S, the No. 1 consumers of sugar worldwide, the average American consumes 31.6 teaspoons of sugar each day. The start of the film details the perils of tooth decay, with children just 4 and 6 years old requiring numerous tooth extractions.

Sugar was blamed as the definite culprit, starting from the time the children are infants chewing on sugar-laced teething biscuits into later childhood when sugary juices became the drink of choice. There are more than 50 different names to describe sugar on food labels, which means if you’re trying to remove it from your diet, you’d better become well-versed in the many pseudonyms.

Even savory foods like pizza and pasta sauce have added sugars, as do popular condiments like ketchup and salad dressings. Sugary drinks alone can contain 10 or 11 teaspoons of sugar in one can, which puts you well over the recommended limit for the day. While the documentary focuses on Ireland’s sugar habit, it’s one that’s shared through much of the developed world, with devastating repercussions on global health.

How Did so Much Sugar Creep Into Our Diets?

Ireland was the thinnest country in Europe after World War II, and the increasing weight that occurred during the ’50s and ’60s was seen as a good thing. However, average weight caught up with the rest of Europe by the ’70s and continued rising, such that Ireland is slated to become the fattest country in Europe by 2030.

Expanding waistlines are again blamed largely on diet. As occurred in the U.S., food manufacturers and health agencies alike began to vilify fat, removing it from foods starting in the ’70s.

Without fat to make food taste good, food manufacturers turned to other less-healthy additives, namely processed salt and sugar. Dr. Robert Lustig, professor of pediatric endocrinology at the University of California in San Francisco (USCF), explained that sugar was added in such a way that it made the food irresistible. If you find it difficult to stop eating sugary foods, or find that the more you eat them, the more you want them, it’s because sugar is addictive.

Sugar stimulates the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays a role in many important pathways, most notably the mesolimbic pathway.2 The way dopamine affects your brain in this area changes with addiction and spikes your perception of motivation or pleasure.

In fact, evidence in humans shows that sugar can induce reward responses and cravings that are comparable to those induced by addictive drugs, which may “explain why many people can have difficultly … [controlling] the consumption of foods high in sugar when continuously exposed to them.”3

Even if You’re ‘Healthy,’ Sugar Can Devastate Your Body

Sugar makes you pack on excess pounds and prevents your body from burning body fat. It’s been implicated as a foundational cause of obesity as well, but even if you’re not overweight, it’s very possible that sugar is damaging your health. “Sugar Crash” documents the story of one family, including a couple in their 40s who aren’t overweight but admit to eating sugary treats on a regular basis.

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They have no outward indications of health problems, but MRI scans revealed they both had fat around their abdominal organs (visceral fat), which is linked to an increased risk of diseases like heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and stroke, along with imbalanced cholesterol.

They cut down their sugar intake significantly and were able to reduce their visceral fat and improve their cholesterol, as shown later on in the film. Sugar Crash also features an interview with documentary filmmaker Damon Gameau, from “That Sugar Film,” who conducted an experiment during which he went from eating a low-sugar diet to consuming about 40 teaspoons of sugar a day.

What makes the experiment even more surprising is that he got to 40 teaspoons not by feasting on candy and soda but by eating supposedly “healthy” foods like energy drinks, fruit juice, cereal and yogurt. After 12 days of ramping up his sugar intake, Gameau had gained almost 7 pounds, the majority of which went straight to his abdomen.

In a month of eating 40 teaspoons of sugar per day, he added 2.75 inches (7 centimeters) to his waistline. Beyond weight gain, Gameau began displaying signs of fatty liver disease within three weeks. “By the end, I’d developed pre-Type 2 diabetes, I had heart disease, I had 11 centimeters of visceral fat. But the big one was, the nonalcoholic fatty liver disease was almost in a full-blown state,” said Gameau in a news article highlighting his film.4

What Excess Sugar Does to Your Liver

Researchers have known since the 1960s that your body metabolizes different types of carbohydrates, like glucose and fructose, in different ways, causing very different hormonal and physiological responses that absolutely may influence fat accumulation and metabolism.5 Unlike glucose, which can be used by virtually every cell in your body, fructose can only be metabolized by your liver, because your liver is the only organ that has the transporter for it.

Since all fructose gets shuttled to your liver, it ends up taxing and damaging your liver in the same way alcohol and other toxins do, particularly if you consume excess amounts of it. In fact, fructose is virtually identical to alcohol with regard to the metabolic havoc it wreaks. According to Lustig, fructose is a “chronic, dose-dependent liver toxin.” And just like alcohol, fructose is metabolized directly into fat — not cellular energy, like glucose.

His findings were published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, where he explained the three similarities between fructose and its fermentation byproduct, ethanol (alcohol):6

  1. Your liver’s metabolism of fructose is similar to alcohol, as they both serve as substrates for converting dietary carbohydrate into fat, which promotes insulin resistance, dyslipidemia (abnormal fat levels in the bloodstream) and fatty liver
  2. Fructose undergoes the Maillard reaction with proteins, leading to the formation of superoxide free radicals that can result in liver inflammation similar to acetaldehyde, an intermediary metabolite of ethanol
  3. By “stimulating the ‘hedonic pathway’ of the brain both directly and indirectly,” Lustig noted, “fructose creates habituation, and possibly dependence; also paralleling ethanol”

“We keep alcohol out of the hands of children, but we don’t think twice about giving them a glass of soda or orange juice,” Lustig says in the film. “Children are getting the diseases of alcohol without alcohol, because sugar is the alcohol of the child.” While childhood obesity is a growing problem, it’s also true that lean children who eat a high-sugar diet may be metabolically unhealthy, even though it’s not obvious from looking at them.

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On a global scale, massive sugar addiction is responsible for not only obesity and diabetes, but also heart damage and heart failure, cancer, neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension, stroke and shorter lifespans.

Big Sugar Similarities to the Tobacco Industry

U.S. Dietary Guidelines only recommend limiting calories from added sugars to no more than 10% each day, or 12 teaspoons, for a 2,000-calorie diet. Most Americans eat far more, but why wouldn’t U.S. Dietary Guidelines, which are intended to protect public health, recommend a far lower amount? In fact, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) did recommend that Americans reduce their intake of sugar-sweetened foods and beverages.

However, this was followed by a flurry of activity from sugar industry groups who, using tobacco-industry tactics, attempted to sway the dietary debate in their favor. It’s common knowledge that senior leaders in the food industry seek to influence science, politics and public health recommendations in their favor. Several tactics were revealed, according to a Critical Public Health report, including:7

  • Influence on evidence generation and summation, such as the food industry generating its own evidence by directly commissioning the work and using external organizations to do so
  • Highlighting the limitations of non-industry sponsored research to raise doubts in science
  • Exerting influence over scientific bodies and medical associations by seeking key leadership roles in such organizations and using their positions to direct debate and discussions in their favor
  • Using academic contacts to guide global debate and advocating “broad-based collaboration with government and key opinion leaders, and involvement in nutrition-related government reviews of the evidence base”

American taxpayers have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to sugar subsidies,8 which is why the Sugar Policy Modernization Act is seeking to eliminate all direct and indirect subsidies that benefit the production or export of sugar.

The bill has yet to be passed, and many members of Congress receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sugar industry, so it’s unknown whether the subsidies, which occur in the form of “loans, price guarantees, import restrictions and government promises to buy surplus product,”9 will ever fully disappear. In the film, it’s even suggested that labeling similar to that required on tobacco products may be necessary to help people understand the health risks of excess sugar.

Remember Excess Omega-6 Fat Is Far More Harmful Than Sugar

While much attention has been focused on excess sugar as a contributor to chronic disease, review of the data makes it clear that sugar is a relatively minor contributor to disease when compared to excess omega-6 fat like linoleic acid (LA). The more than tenfold increase in LA over the last 150 years is the primary contributor to cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and dementia.

As an example, if you look at seed oils and sugar consumption in China, between 1961 and 2018 seed oil consumption has increased from a very low 3.3g/day in 1961 to 23g/day in 2018, which is a seven-fold increase in seed oils during this time. During that time China’s sugar consumption was and remains among the lowest in the world, at just 5.5g/day in 1961, rising slightly but still remaining extremely low at just 19.5g/day in 2018.

China has a shocking low intake of sugar, in fact data from the Food and Agriculture Organization out of 169 countries for which the data exists, only seven countries have less sugar consumption per capita than China. Yet it still has an explosion in all chronic degenerative that correlates with seed oil use, not sugar use.

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If we look back to the year 1900, 99% of the added fats in the human diet were animal fats, mostly lard, butter, and beef tallow. But by 2005, 86% of added fats were seed oils, which are biological poisons, and just like any toxin, the more one consumes, the greater the damage done.

Could it be that low sugar and low carbohydrate diets works, not primarily because they’re eliminating sugar and ‘carbs,’ but because they’re simultaneously eliminating a stealth fat that lurks within processed foods and most carbohydrate rich foods everywhere?

How Can You Reduce Sugar in Your Diet?

Cutting back on sugar isn’t as simple as skipping dessert or a morning doughnut, because added sugars are found in virtually every processed food at your grocery store. In addition to ingredients that contain the word “sugar,” such as beet sugar or date sugar, you’ll know a food contains added sugars if you spot any of these on the label:10

Blackstrap molasses

Buttered syrup

Cane juice crystals

Evaporated cane juice


Carob syrup

Fruit juice


Fruit juice concentrate

Brown rice syrup

Corn syrup solids

Florida crystals

Golden syrup

Maple syrup


Refiner’s syrup

Sorghum syrup




Barley malt

Corn syrup



Diastatic malt

Ethyl maltol


Glucose solids


Malt syrup



Rice syrup




The film recommends looking for “reduced sugar” foods, but in reality the best way to avoid sugar is to eat real foods. Following a high-fat, low-carb, moderate-protein diet like the one described in “Fat for Fuel” is an excellent guide, which will help you reduce not only your fructose intake but also your net carbs.

Sugar is metabolized as a carbohydrate in your body, spiking your blood sugar and insulin levels. Your net carbs are calculated by taking the total grams of carbs and subtracting the total grams of fiber. By keeping your net carbs below 100 grams per day, and for a healthier diet as low as 50 grams per day, you will reduce your cravings for sweets.

Eating healthy fats like grass fed butter, avocados and coconut oil, will keep you satisfied to help you avoid the urge to binge on sweets. Fermented foods are another great dietary addition, as the sour taste squelches sugar cravings.

For processed foods you do purchase, scour the label for ingredients that represent sugar to evaluate the total amount. Remember that the less sugar you eat, the less you’ll crave. Avoid swapping sugar for artificial sweeteners like aspartame, which are toxic in their own right.

On occasion, you can try stevia, an herbal sweetener I use in my recipes, as a sugar alternative. Finally, if you’re finding it difficult to overcome an emotional addiction to sugar, the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is another great option, which has been shown to significantly reduce food cravings and increased peoples’ ability to show restraint — even after six months.11

If necessary, start slowly by removing some of the biggest high-sugar offenders from your diet then gradually cutting back from there. And remember, the more you cut back on added sugars, the better for your health.

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neXat expands further East with KT SAT partnership

17 May 2023neXat has entered a partnership with KT SAT to offer the South Korean satellite operator a full suite of managed services and gain access to its coverage in Asia.

KT SAT – a subsidiary of KT Corporation and one of South Korea’s largest telecommunications companies – will use the neXat platform to increase its portfolio of services.

This includes vouchers and other quota-based services – such as Fair Use and Fair Access Policy (FAP and FUP) – that cannot be natively offered by an iDirect hub. This allows KT SAT to add new products to their existing portfolio of services.

“With this partnership, KT SAT will be able to provide a managed service for our customers in the region, especially Indochina and South East Asia. We hope to reach out to more service partners in local and remote locations through this platform” said Daniel Kim, KT SAT’s Managing Director of Global and Maritime business.

neXat will benefit from the addition of another key satellite operator to its platform, expanding the coverage of capacity and portfolio of satellite services, that can be accessed by its partners.

neXat’s Senior VP APAC, Rajeev Nair said: “We are delighted to add KT SAT to our list of esteemed partners. We’re seeing more and more satellite companies realize the benefit of the neXat platform and the services it offers while overcoming certain limitations with zero CAPEX. We look forward to building on this relationship and expanding further as more features on the neXat platform are likely to be developed as products for KT SAT.”

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The partnership will use the Koreasat-5A satellite and iDirect technology on the Ku-band.

For more information about neXat visit:


About neXat
neXat is changing the way satellite connectivity business is done.

Its disruptive flagship neXat platform, the world’s first satellite aggregation system, acts as a capacity broker connecting teleports with new customers and markets. Through this model, neXat is creating a ‘network of satellite Networks’.

The neXat company was founded in 2011 and is an award-winning satellite service provider based in Brussels, Belgium, delivering innovative solutions worldwide to satellite operators, teleport & hub operators, government and enterprise bodies, and ISPs.

Active in 50 countries and already connected to more than 15 teleports and 25 satellites, the neXat PaaS offering is a virtual OSS/BSS with competitive resilience, security and quality features. It allows teleport and hub operators to offer the full range of neXat’s value added services to their own clients and provides classical and packaged connectivity services through its network of ISPs or directly to end users.

neXat seamlessly offers a complete portfolio of reliable satellite services to its demanding high-end satellite service customers through a user-friendly eMarketplace.

Visit for more info and follow us @neXat_BE on Twitter and LinkedIn for regular news and updates.

About KT SAT
Since the establishment of Kumsan Satellite Service Center in 1970, KT SAT (wholly owned by KT) has been leading Korea’s broadcasting and telecommunication industry for over 50 years in Asia. KT SAT deploys a total of five satellites to provide user-customized services and global connectivity over Asia, the Middle East and Africa. KOREASAT reaches majority of regions where customers need high performance connectivity, covering from Asia to Africa with C-band Hemi Beam and providing very high powered Ku-Band Regional Beam in South East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Leveraging the abundant experience and expertise as a global satellite operator, KT SAT recently started a space data business focusing in satellite imagery and analysis. Besides that, as a part of the strategy aiming to be a multi-orbit satellite provider, KT SAT also invested in U.S.-based startup Mangata Networks in 2022.

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neXat PR Contacts

Caroline De Vos
Co-Founder & COO
+32 478 31 13 76

James Curry
Proactive PR

Source: RealWire

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Biowarfare Through the Food Supply

In an April 17, 2023, opinion piece in STAT News,1 Dr. Peter Lurie and Beth Ellikidis argue for the genetic engineering of food, claiming “newer technologies can make highly targeted changes at the base-pair level — one specific rung on the DNA ladder — enhancing precision and reducing the likelihood of ‘off-target effects’ in which the base pairs are unintentionally added to or deleted from the genome.”

While targeted genetic engineering is indeed possible, and modern technology lowers the likelihood of unintentional additions or deletions, this precision does not guarantee there won’t be adverse effects. One of the reasons for this is because many genes are multifunctional and can have multiple downstream effects.2,3

By altering a single gene, you can inadvertently affect the expression of hundreds of others. What’s more, the multifunctionality of genes is rarely intuitive. So, while it may seem convenient to genetically engineer cows without horns to prevent injury to other cows and farmhands, as suggested by Lurie and Ellikidis, there’s no telling what that tweak might do to internal organs or biological pathways.

In turn, there’s no guarantee that cascading effects will not alter the nutrition of the meat or dairy that comes from that cow. Maybe it’ll be fine, maybe it won’t. The problem is that, oftentimes with genetically engineered foods, safety testing is minimal or absent.

Who Do Lurie and Ellikidis Answer To?

When assessing the trustworthiness of people, it can be worthwhile to look at their funding and various partnerships. In the case of Lurie and Ellikidis, both are in league with Bill Gates and other Great Resetters that are pushing to replace all natural foods with patentable, genetically modified foods.

Lurie — a former FDA associate commissioner — is the president of the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). In the summer of 2020, Lurie launched a comprehensive campaign to put out of business by sending the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission after us based on bogus charges.

CSPI is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Family Fund, Bloomberg Philanthropies and other billionaire-owned foundations. It’s also partnered with the Cornell Alliance for Science, a “global communications initiative” whose primary funding comes from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Greg Jaffe, who heads up CSPI’s Biotechnology Project, is also the associate director of legal affairs at Alliance for Science.

Considering those ties, the CSPI’s long history of promoting industry science and propaganda is not surprising in the least. They supported artificial sweeteners, trans fats, GMOs, fake meat and the low-fat myth. They’ve also actively undermined transparency in labeling efforts.

Ellikidis, meanwhile, is the vice president of agriculture and environment at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO). She’s leading the “policy and market access strategies for BIO’s Agriculture and Environment section, which includes member companies developing and producing breakthrough technologies in food and agriculture.”4

BIO, the world’s largest GMO trade organization,5,6 represents more than 1,000 pesticide, pharmaceutical and biotech companies in more than 30 countries, as well as industry groups, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers and other related organizations.

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According to BIO, genetic engineering is the solution to heal, fuel and feed the world, and to that end, it has lobbying committees dedicated to influencing 15 different policy areas, including food, agriculture, health care policy, technology transfer and finance.

According to Open Secrets,7 BIO spent $ 13,250,000 on “pharmaceutical and health products” lobbying in 2022. For reference, only Pfizer and the lobbying group Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America spent more.8

How Gates Sets Himself Up for Success

In 2004, BIO launched BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH),9 a nonprofit organization that “strategically develops and manages programs across the for-profit and non-profit sectors to accelerate research and development (R&D) for poverty-related diseases.”

BVGH was launched with a $ 1 million start-up grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.10 In 2005, the BVGH received another $ 5.4 million to expand the biotech industry’s role in the fight against neglected diseases.11 The Rockefeller Foundation is also funding the group.

Fast-forward to 2018, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spun off a nonprofit subsidiary to the foundation called the Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute (Gates MRI).12 Gates MRI, funded with a $ 273 million, four-year grant from the Gates Foundation, is focused on developing biotechnologies to address health problems in poor countries.13

It’s a convenient setup to say the least. On the one hand, Gates is funding the R&D of biotech products through Gates MRI, and on the other, he’s funding the acceleration, coordination and management of private-public biotech programs through BVGH.

One key area where the BVGH is being inserted to manage private-public programs is the “Cancer Moonshot” program, launched in 2016 by then-Vice President Joe Biden. Biden “reignited” and highlighted the program in 2022.14 As reported in a White House fact sheet:15

“Working with African Access Initiative (AAI) partners, BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) will implement cancer research projects that are determined and led by African oncologists and conducted in collaboration with U.S. cancer experts.

Through its African Consortium for Cancer Clinical Trials (AC3T) program, BVGH will facilitate five research projects, build capacity to conduct rigorous clinical research at 50 African sites, promote African primary investigator’s research interests on the AC3T platform, and coordinate the implementation of observational clinical studies.

In addition to building AC3T sites’ research capacity, BVGH will map the regulatory pathway in five AAI countries. All clinical studies involving cancer drugs will include development of market access pathways by BVGH.”

Gates MRI, in turn, intends to “apply new understanding of the human immune system learned from cancer research to prevent infectious disease.”16 Conveniently, he’s got the inside track to all of that through the BVGH.

Biowarfare Partners

As it so happens, BIO is also partnered with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD),17 and the DOD specifically funds and provides technology transfers for the diseases that Gates MRI and BVGH are focused on: malaria, tuberculosis and Ebola.18,19,20,21

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Not surprisingly, the DOD is also seeking to develop and adopt more mRNA-based therapeutics against other emerging biological threats22 — products that can be manufactured and deployed quickly.

One of the obvious hazards of public-private partnerships becoming more and more intertwined, as we see now, is that the government becomes less and less inclined to ensure the safety of these co-developed, co-owned products.

In a June 2022 BIO webinar, Ian Watson, deputy assistant secretary of defense for chemical and biological defense, specified that the agency will “safeguard” its industrial partners from various threats, including “foreign economic aggression and inherent marketplace vulnerability that are specific to biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals.”23

Does “market vulnerability” also include legal action by people injured by biopharmaceuticals that have been brought to market at warp speed? Judging by what we’ve seen during the COVID pandemic, it sure seems the U.S. government is doing everything it can to hide and suppress evidence of harm, so why would we expect any different in the future?

Are Foods Being Turned Into Bioweapons?

Getting back to the issue of food, just as medicine is being hijacked by the biotech industry, so is our food supply. Indeed, President Biden recently signed an executive order that makes biotechnology a key focus of every federal agency, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture.24

The transhumanist agenda is clear for everyone to see, and it’s being pushed on us from every angle, through food, medicine and national security. It recently came to light that the swine industry in the U.S. and Canada has been using customizable mRNA “vaccines” on herds since 2018,25 and to this day, there’s no research to prove the meat is safe for consumption in the long term and won’t affect the genetics of those who eat it.

Based on our experiences with the mRNA COVID shots, which more and more experts are starting to refer to as bioweapons, it’s not farfetched to wonder whether the use of mRNA in livestock might be a form of biowarfare against the public as well, this time through the food supply.

As reported by Dr. Peter McCullough,26 Chinese researchers have demonstrated that food can indeed be turned into a vaccine (or a bioweapon, depending on the antigen):27

“The nation’s food supply can be manipulated by public health agencies to influence population outcomes … Now an oral route of administration is being considered specifically for COVID-19 vaccination using mRNA in cow’s milk.

Zhang and colleagues have demonstrated that a shortened mRNA code of 675 base pairs could be loaded into phospholipid packets called exosomes derived from milk and then using that same milk, be fed to mice.

The mice gastrointestinal tract absorbed the exosomes and the mRNA must have made it into the blood stream and lymphatic tissue because antibodies were produced in fed mice against SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein (receptor binding domain) …

[G]iven the damage mRNA vaccines have generated in terms of injuries, disabilities, and deaths, these data raise considerable ethical issues. The COVID States project has shown that 25% of Americans were successful in remaining unvaccinated. This group would have strong objections to mRNA in the food supply, particularly if it was done surreptitiously or with minimal labelling/warnings …

These observations lead me to conclude that mRNA technology has just entered a whole new, much darker phase of development. Expect more research on and resistance to mRNA in our food supply. The Chinese have just taken the first of what will probably be many more dangerous steps for the world.”

Say No to mRNA in Your Food

Moving forward, it’s going to be extremely important to stay on top of what’s happening to our food supply. Many of us were surprised to realize mRNA shots have been used in swine for several years already. Soon, cattle may get these customizable mRNA shots as well, which could affect both beef and dairy products.

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For now, I strongly recommend avoiding pork products. In addition to the uncertainty surrounding these untested mRNA “vaccines,” pork is also very high in linoleic acid, a harmful omega-6 fat that drives chronic disease. Hopefully, cattle ranchers will realize the danger this mRNA platform poses to their bottom-line and reject it. If they don’t, finding beef and dairy that has not been “gene therapied” could become quite the challenge.

Ultimately, if we want to be free, and if we want food safety and food security, we must focus our efforts on building a decentralized system that connects communities with farmers who grow real food in sustainable ways and distribute that food locally.

Legislative efforts are also needed. Bills that would be helpful in steering us in the right direction include the following:

The Processing Revival and Intrastate Meat Exemption (PRIME) Act28 This bill was introduced in 2017 and hasn’t moved since its introduction in the House. The PRIME Act would allow farmers to sell meat processed at smaller slaughtering facilities and allow states to set their own meat processing standards.

Because small slaughterhouses do not have an inspector on staff — a requirement that only large facilities can easily fulfill — they’re banned from selling their meat. The PRIME Act would lift this regulation without sacrificing safety, as random USDA inspections could still occur.

The Interstate Milk Freedom Act of 202129 This bill was introduced at the end of July 2021 as an amendment to the 2018 Farm bill.

Missouri House Bill 1169,30 which would require labeling of products, including food, that might “impact, alter or introduce genetic material or a genetic change” into the consumer.


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The Infinigate Group Announces a New Brand for the Next Era of Expansion

Rotkreuz, Switzerland: 27/04/23. The Infinigate Group, the value-add distributor of cybersecurity, secure networks and secure cloud, is proud to announce a fresh brand, incorporating a new logo, tagline, colours and font, reflecting both its heritage and expansion and leading into a new era, as a cybersecurity distribution powerhouse across EMEA.

The new brand expresses the Infinigate Group’s vision, the boundless opportunity the company sees in the market, symbolised by the infinity sign at the heart of the new logo, while the tagline announces our mission to spark growth for partners, vendors, employees and for the Infinigate Group.

Klaus Schlichtherle, Chief Executive Officer of the Infinigate Group, says: “The new brand heralds a significant milestone for us, as a company that has expanded considerably in recent years, uniting us all under the same mission. Our vision is characterised by accelerated growth and constant development, inherent in our brand promise for our channel and vendor partners and our employees. We have been growing at above market average rate for several years and we plan to continue to do so – with an expectation to reach our €5B revenue target by 2027.”

The logo is inspired by the fusion of human and digital, represented by the coral and dark blue respectively, conveying the dual approach the company prides itself on following, focused on leading-edge digital platforms and solutions, complemented by local and personal approach and human relationships.

“Creating our new brand identity started by working from our core philosophy – connecting people. We brought together a diverse set of representatives from around the Group and watched the sparks fly.” Wayne Gratton, Vice President Marketing at the Infinigate Group comments. “From the choice of font and lowercase letters to the squaring of the infinity symbol in the icon, the finer details of our logo all help convey our approachability and the blend of human and digital that makes Infinigate the brand it is.”

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As part of the Infinigate brand launch, Vuzion is rebranding to Infinigate Cloud, an expert business unit specialising in secure cloud solutions.

Infinigate Cloud benefits from Vuzion’s 25+ years’ experience, Microsoft expertise and born-in-the-cloud deep technical heritage.

The Infinigate Group celebrated the launch of its new brand across Europe, together with employees, vendors and channel partners, with events taking place in multiple countries.

About the Infinigate Group
The Infinigate Group is a value-add distributor, fully committed to sustainable, leading-edge cybersecurity solutions. Founded in 1996 in Switzerland, it has grown to incorporate the entire EMEA region, with offices in 30 countries and partners in more than 50. Our more than 1,200 dedicated employees, half of them with in-depth technical knowledge, are passionate about best-of-breed cybersecurity, secure networks and secure cloud for SMB and enterprise market segments, for on-premise and cloud-based IT infrastructure. The Infinigate Group relies on strong country organisations, which can adapt to the needs of their respective partners, MSSPs and vendors, by providing technical, marketing, sales and professional services. For additional information visit:

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An Ancient Attack on Our Dignity: It’s Spiritual Warfare

The tyrants hate dignity because dignity is a life force, and the tyrants are anti-life. This story is about dignity and the tyrants’ anti-dignity warfare. Why do the tyrants hate dignity? The tyrants hate dignity because dignity is a life force, and the tyrants are anti-life.

See, dignified people are inconvenient. They refuse to stay on their knees. Even if they are pushed to their knees by force, they don’t stay on their knees for long. They bounce back, and they just keep bouncing back again and again as long as they are alive. They insist on being up-straight.

To the life-hating tyrants, that is totally unacceptable. The tyrants don’t like it when people expect a free and independent existence, and so they work hard to disallow that. The amount of energy they spent on enslavement is no small feat. Their anti-dignity warfare is a full-time job for the tyrants! They probably worry about free people even in their sleep!

Lies About Being “Heartbroken” for the Vaccine Injured

For example, check out this tyrant lying about this previous position in vaccine side effects. This tyrant is the German Federal Minister of Health — shifty eyes and all — and he is shamelessly lying the camera and saying that he cares deeply about the vaccine injured (sounds plausible), and that he had never said that COVID injections were injury-free.

The video is in German but it has English subtitles, and worth a watch. Incidentally, the Minister also says — out of his own mouth — that the rate of serious adverse effects is 1 in 10,000. Many data points show that the rate is much higher (and the long-term effects are a scary thought) but even if he is correct, the population of Germany is 84,270,625 — and so it leaves the country with more than 8,000 people who are seriously injured — and for what?!!

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Google’s New AI

And here is a notorious tyrant and tyrant collaborator, Google, pretending (again) that is it doing something good. Here is Google’s own presentation of how it plans to replace human beings a little more.

And here is a mainstream media article with an appropriate title: “The Nightmare of AI-Powered Gmail Has Arrived.”

“In Gmail, there are tools that will attempt to compose entire emails or edit them for tone as well as tools for ingesting and summarizing long threads. In Docs, there are tools for generating text from simple prompts or other content.

A lengthy email discussion is turned into a “brief” and then a slide deck, which is then illustrated with generated imagery … Google makes the decks now and writes all those client emails. I’m sure it’ll be able to write a solid layoff notice, too.”

There are so many things that are wrong with this direction.

One philosophical problem, described in detail in the pre-COVID book by Nicholas Carr, “The Glass Cage,” is that the people relying on AI services will inevitably forget how to use their natural skills. In this case, we are talking the ability to form complete sentences and think long thoughts.

People will forget how to think long thoughts even more than they already have! And, once a lot of people start relying on tools like this (dear God!), Google will use the new dependency for social control.

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Another, rather obvious, philosophical problem is that we will never know if that “heartfelt” note was an awkward but sincere attempt at affection by a human being or plain bot spit. We are in a bad collective place with sincerity already, and this AI business (I think I am going to use the term “bot spit,” or BS for short) takes small talk to a new abyss.

And of course, all this means that we will feeding the devils more of our personal data — which is what the devils want.

And there is also something else that bothers me here. The rates of chronic disease, cognitive and neurological troubles, and — yes — vaccine injuries — are going up at an alarming speed. And so, is this tool intended to mask and hide the existence of the victims whose heads hurt so much that they can’t put two coherent thoughts together — and yet they still need to “keep a job” in order to eat? This is a terrifying thought.

Sneaky Tyrants

Ignoring philosophical problems is not a winning strategy for good people because ignoring them leads to pain on a massive scale. So let’s talk about the tyrants and their warfare toolkit — so that we can start pushing back more effectively, more confidently, and without fear. (They don’t deserve our fear.)

The tyrants are at war with everyone, and with each other, too. But because they cannot win on their own, they make alliances and blow smoke. They capitalize on “divide and conquer,” they always do.

They select a target whom they want to straight out decimate right away, and a target whom they want to decimate maybe later on — but in the meanwhile, the tyrants charm ‘em, befriend ‘em, and throw some bones their way for their loyalty and support. They have done this for wars, for color revolutions, for colonial genocides, and they are doing this again today for the biosecurity state.

All of this works according to the classic logic of bait and betrayal. And for some reason, we read about history, shake our heads, say wow, then turn on the television — and forget the wisdom we’ve just learned.

Initially, in every new campaign, the tyrants often start with brutal force. They use brutal force against the “first generation” or “first wave” of straight-walking people — those they target for straight out destruction due to their experiential knowledge of freedom — and then they use tricks and metaphorical bad magic against their descendants whom they want to subjugate and keep as their half-asleep, obedient slaves.

And to accomplish their trickery, the tyrants come up with all sorts of tricks to confuse the minds so that their victims forget that we are actually born with dignity and that we are not supposed to lose it in the course of our lives.

The Role of Challenges and Encounters With Bullies

Now, it’s true that our life’s journey is not all honey and sweets. Life has ups and downs, and in the course of our lives, we do have to deal with some tough challenges and some hard times. We usually have to deal with some bullying and abuse.

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But the point of having to deal with abuse is not shirking ourselves in response to the abuse, it’s actually the opposite — it’s growing our power as a result of standing up to abuse. And raising from our knees. And bouncing back. And raising from our knees again. (The tyrants hate it when we figure that one out — and so they come up with yet another “divide and conquer” campaign to keep us weak.)

The point of having to deal with abuse is remembering why we need to walk straight up, and how. The point is a renewal of our dignity, a renewal of our spiritual clarity, a renewal of our sincere self-love. And by the way, loving thy neighbor, too, come to us naturally when we remember self-love. Yes, we are born with dignity but it’s our job to protect it from any forces that try to sway us away from our dignity. It is our dignity. It is our sacred soul. If we don’t protect it, who will?

By the way, dignity is not ego. Ego is, roughly, about defining ourselves in relation to the external world. Dignity comes from an internal memory of who we are, it is the sweet, sincere respect and love for our own soul.

Psychological Warfare

The tyrants have a special characteristic, and it’s that they don’t respect the soul. They are very interested in weaking the people’s connection to the spiritual power because disconnected people make good prey. And so, the tyrants come up with narratives that undermine self-worth and elevate desperation, anxiety, and guilt.

How does it work? See, when one is anxious, or desperate, or guilty, one voluntarily passes on the support of the good forces of the universe. That feeling of being little and forsaken? Know that feeling? It is not yours. It’s a sure sign that you are under psychological attack, and it is in your best interests to shake it off and work on shaking it off until it’s gone — no matter the circumstance.

No one is little. And no one is forsaken. This is not how the world works. We are warriors in the middle of the journey, not victims. But the tyrants keep “poisoning the well” and creating narratives that make us feel unsure of ourselves, alone, isolated, unconfident, and perpetually hurt.

By the way, I am saying this from experience. Sometimes, in the middle of blinding pain, it is hard to see the light. And sometimes, people get attached to their pain, and even argue that all this talk about love is too and idealistic — and then I remind them (and myself) that in the course of my life I have been through such ridiculous abuse that I’ve earned my right to see the light in the middle of crap. I am speaking strictly from experience. This is not theory. This is my hard-earned truth.

Tyrant’s Vocabulary and Anti-Dignity Tricks

“You are being abused because there’s something wrong with you” — That’s straight out nonsense. Only a broken person or an enemy would say that to a fellow traveler in this world.

No, we are not perfect. And perhaps not everything went right. Some of us may have had a tough life. We may have been told lies and gobbled them up. We may have done dumb things (I have). But, if we have done dumb things, we can still pray for guidance to straighten out our ways, and there is beauty in finding our courage and righting the wrongs.

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“You are being abused because you are dirty, and so you get what you deserve” — This, now, is more ridiculous nonsense. Making people feel dirty is perhaps one of the biggest psyops in human history, a psyop that has been lubricating the way for many tyrants of this world!

Sadly, this is a psyop that has been thoroughly internalized in many cultures, and many of us have been fed this psyop by our own loving parents, out of misguided love. The way I look at it, it is our job to heal ourselves and to forgive our parents from our hearts.

The dynamic of “human dirt” is playing out today again with COVID, and masks, and vaccines. And it’s tragic. And now is a perfect time to end this dynamic at its root and accept ourselves as beautiful spiritual beings with important jobs.

“You are being abused because, unlike those other people who are real, you don’t belong in this world. The abuse is the punishment for the fact that you don’t fit in” — Another outrageous lie! That feeling of not belonging, of being different from others in a humiliating way, is what most people feel on occasion (or often) in a world that does not respect our true selves.

It is simply a natural reaction to spiritual starvation, a reaction that, by the way, comes with the task of figuring out the source of that feeling and rejecting the tyrant poison of the mind.

It is spiritual warfare. It is the goal of the tyrants is to disorient us and to make us feel like the world is theirs — that they dictate the rules because it’s their job to dictate the rules, and that we are just some disposable renters of their property, under a perpetual sword of an eviction from their property. They are liars. And courage is the antidote.

“You are not abused. This is normal. This is what life is” — This flavor of tyrant propaganda is very close to home for me. I grew up in a culture where it was a big talking point, something that was passed from generation to generation, with a hammer of pain. In my adulthood, I spent many years unwrapping the ball of lies. And today, it seems like the history wants to repeat, and I object.

I would like to end the story with a beautiful interview I did with Brownstone Institute fellow Thomas Harrington. We talked about history, dignity, and hope.

Time for crying is over,
It’s courage time.
Time for crawling is over,
It’s courage time.
Time for self-loathing is over,
It’s courage time.
Time for self-betrayal is over,
It’s courage time.
What time is it?
It’s courage o’clock.
It’s a time to stand up for dignity full force.
We are worth it.

About the Author

To find more of Tessa Lena’s work, be sure to check out her bio, Tessa Fights Robots.


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Swiss gold trader launches Crypto Vreneli

New Vreneli coin defines a new class of investment by fusing physical and digital value

St. Gallen – A collaborative innovation, that could draw the attention of investors, tech freaks and art collectors, is Made in Switzerland and combines the traditional and the modern in a new edition of the popular Gold Vreneli coin. The new Crypto Vreneli bears an NFC chip. On reading out using an app on your mobile phone, you will be referred to a digital financial asset in a blockchain that cannot be altered and is not interchangeable. The new gold coin represents the fusion of two investment classes: the physical and the digital.

The unique nature of each individual Crypto Vreneli is shown in a pixel art graphic showing the classic Vreneli motif in multiple variations. A play on identities. Owners of the new Crypto Vreneli will benefit from added value through a so-called “Unlockable Content”. The Crypto Vreneli uses the principle of a so-called Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that is well-known in the crypto world. But, as physical value is being combined with digital value, it is “phygital” and represents a pioneering innovation in the investment classes known to date.

Word’s first “Phygital Asset Coin”
“The Crypto Vreneli is the world’s first Phygital Asset Coin, abbreviated PAC. So, the first hybrid value coin and a pioneering project for gold investors and collectors who would like to get one step ahead of conventional NFTs. The next evolutionary step: The fusion of two investment classes!” Christian Brenner, publisher of the Crypto Vreneli and CEO of gold trader philoro. Vivents by ArtDeal AG will be responsible for the creation, the design, as well as the technical implementation and the Web 3.0 placement.

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Phygital is a conceptual fusion of the English adjectives physical and digital. “Phygital must not only be seen as one of the most significant buzzwords of the digital transformation, but also describes an attitude to life by means of which metaverse target groups would currently like to be addressed in innovative, complex consumer galaxies,” Vivents by ArtDeal AG founder and CEO Sarah Schlagenhauf believes.

The first limited edition of the Crypto Vreneli will launch with 100 coins available from 31 March 2023 in philoro’s online shops with delivery in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, as well as in philoro’s bricks and mortar outlets in Switzerland. Each coin is made of 31.1 grams of pure gold (one ounce). Entry value is 7,999 Swiss francs.

Digital Vreneli plays with identities
The NFT of the Crypto Vreneli is coupled with the gold coin in an Ethereum wallet (digital wallet). By scanning the NFC chip using the phone app, the owner unlocks their individual Crypto Vreneli in the blockchain. The digital Vreneli visualised in this way is unique for each coin. The artwork derived from the style of the famous CryptoPunks characters. The shifts in the classical Vreneli motif reveal a societal phenomenon – that the question “Who, or what am I?” is given a fluid answer in broad segments of society. Definitions are old hat. The Crypto Vreneli mirrors this freedom and the interplay of fluid identities in society.

Full information at and at https:// in both German and English.

– Pictures are available at AP Images ( –

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Press Contact

Christian Brenner, CEO philoro Switzerland AG

Christian Iten, PR Manager philoro Switzerland AG
+41 76 548 47 44

Sarah Schlagenhauf, CEO and Founder ArtDeal AG / Vivents
+41 79 449 48 84

Melanie Guenthardt, Marketing Director ArtDeal AG / Vivents
+41 78 754 37 80

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Fake Meat Dangers With Dr. Joseph Mercola

At face value, fake meat sounds like the perfect solution to end world hunger, protect animal welfare and save the planet from environmental destruction. Even a brief look below the surface reveals a much more nefarious reality, however.

To help raise awareness about this latest assault on human health, I recently spoke with host Polly Tommey on “Tea Time,” a program by Children’s Health Defense, about the dangers of fake meat products.1

Fake Meat Is All About Controlling the Food Supply

Fake food — including lab-grown meat, animal-free dairy and plant-based meat — is the globalists’ latest attempt to control the food supply. Former U.S. Secretary of State and national security adviser Henry Kissinger once said, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people.”2 Controlling people is their whole agenda.

The globalists have long held a monopoly on the grain industry with their patented genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In the early 2010s, not many people knew about GMOs. In 2011, we started to educate the public about their dangers, as they posed a major threat to public health and the environment.

In 2012, a ballot initiative was launched in California to require mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods and food ingredients. The initiative was narrowly defeated due to massive donations from multinational corporations, but we won in the long term because awareness of GMOs in the food supply significantly increased. Now, most health-conscious people avoid GE/GMOs.

A similar trend is now occurring with fake food. The globalists are trying to replace animal husbandry with lab-grown meat, which will allow private companies to effectively control the entire food supply.

Fake Meat Is Even Worse Than CAFOs

Many people are aware of the pitfalls of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) — unnatural diets of GMO grains, crowded conditions, inhumane treatment, excessive pollution and rampant spread of disease. CAFOs are bad — but the new fake food era is going to be even worse.

With their patented fake meat products, the globalists will have unprecedented control over people’s health.3 It sounds noble to try to provide for the entire world’s population using animal-free methods, but it’s a deception.

Will Harris is a regenerative farming pioneer who runs White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Georgia. He produces high-quality grass fed products, including beef and other animal products, in a way that’s good for consumers, the environment and the financial health of his business. While the globalists are spinning the idea that animal foods are destroying the planet, when raised regeneratively the way Harris does, this is far from the truth.

It’s the fake foods that will ultimately jeopardize the environment. “We are sequestering 3.5 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent for every pound of grass fed beef we sell. Ironically, the same environmental engineers did an analysis on Impossible Burgers,” Harris said on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” “They’re emitting 3.5 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent.”4

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Regenerative Farming Beats Fake Foods

Impossible Foods, along with Beyond Meat, is a major player in the fake meat marketplace. It claimed to have a better carbon footprint than live animal farms and hired Quantis, a group of scientists and strategists, to prove its point. According to the executive summary, its product reduced environmental impact between 87% and 96% in the categories studied, including land occupation and water consumption.5

This, however, compares fake meat to meat from CAFOs, which are notoriously destructive to the environment and nothing like Harris’ farm. Harris commissioned the same analysis by Quantis for White Oaks and published a 33-page study showing comparisons of White Oaks Pastures’ emissions against conventional beef production.6

While the manufactured fake meat reduced its carbon footprint up to 96% in some categories, White Oaks had a net total emission in the negative numbers as compared to CAFO-produced meat.

Further, grass fed beef from White Oak Pastures had a carbon footprint that was 111% lower than a typical U.S. CAFO, and its regenerative system effectively captured soil carbon, which offset the majority of emissions related to beef production.7

“The WOP [White Oak Pastures] system effectively captures soil carbon, offsetting a majority of the emissions related to beef production,” the report stated. “In the best case, the WOP beef production may have a net positive effect on climate. The results show great potential.”8

So, the idea that animals must be removed from agriculture to save the planet is entirely flawed. In fact, animals are an integral, and necessary, part of the restorative process.

What Is Fake Meat?

Fake meat is marketed as a health food, but it’s nothing more than a highly ultraprocessed mixture of chemicals. Impossible Foods, for instance, uses genetic engineering to insert the DNA from soy plants into yeast, creating GE yeast with the gene for soy leghemoglobin.9

Impossible Foods refers to this compound as “heme,” but technically plants produce non-heme iron, and this is GE yeast-derived soy leghemoglobin.10 Heme iron only occurs in meat and seafood. Impossible Foods’ GE heme is used in their fake meat burgers as a color additive that makes the product appear to “bleed” like real meat.

The health effects of GE heme are unknown, but this didn’t stop the U.S. Food and Drug Administration from approving soy leghemoglobin in 2019. The Center for Food Safety (CFS) filed a lawsuit challenging the approval, which they called “unusually rapid”11 and risky for public health.

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In their lawsuit, CFS points out that soy leghemoglobin is produced using synthetic biology, or “genetic engineering on steroids,” which does not shuffle DNA pieces between species but instead constructs new biological parts, devices and systems that do not exist in the natural world:12

The reason why Impossible Foods turned to synthetic biology to produce GE soy leghemoglobin is because it couldn’t extract enough of the substance directly from soybean roots to produce its fake meat products on an industrial, mass-produced scale. The FDA GRAS for soy leghemoglobin is 526 pages long, if that gives you any idea of the industrialized complexity of this so-called GRAS “health” food.13

Beyond Meat is similarly industrially processed. Beyond Burger patties contain 22 ingredients. Among them are expeller-pressed canola oil, pea protein isolate, cellulose from bamboo, modified food starch and methylcellulose14 — hardly “health” foods. To morph these ingredients into a patty that resembles meat require further processing.

It’s revealing, too, that while truly natural foods cannot be patented, Impossible Foods holds at least 14 patents, with about 100 more pending.15

Impossible Foods’ Fake Meat Is Loaded With Glyphosate, LA

Considering that many ingredients in fake meat products are made from GE soy,16 it’s not surprising that they’re also contaminated with the herbicide glyphosate. Consumer advocacy group Moms Across America (MAA) commissioned Health Research Institute Labs (HRI Labs), an independent laboratory that tests both micronutrients and toxins found in food, to determine how much glyphosate is in the Impossible Burger and its competitor, the Beyond Burger.

The total result of glyphosate and AMPA, the main metabolite of glyphosate, in the burgers was 11.3 parts per billion (ppb) in the Impossible Burger and 1 ppb in the Beyond Burger.17

When the concerning results were revealed, Impossible Foods engaged in a smear campaign to try and discredit MAA, labeling the group of moms “an anti-GMO, anti-vaccine, anti-science, fundamentalist group that cynically peddles a toxic brew of medical misinformation and completely unregulated, untested, potentially toxic quack ‘supplements’ …”18

The glyphosate in fake meat is one issue. The excess amounts of omega-6 fat in the form of linoleic acid (LA) are another. In my opinion, this metabolic poison is the primary contributor to rising rates of chronic disease. It’s important to realize that fake meat alternatives do not contain healthy animal fats. All the fat comes from industrial seed oils like soy and canola oil, which are top sources of LA.

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Eliminating ultraprocessed foods from your diet is essential to keeping your LA intake low, and this includes fake meat.

‘Precision Fermentation’ Isn’t Natural Either

Fake food companies want you to believe their products are natural because they’re made with components of plants, even though nothing like them exists in nature. Precision fermentation is another term used by the biotech industry to piggyback off the popularity of truly health-promoting natural fermentation.

Precision fermentation, however, is nothing like its natural counterpart. What is perhaps most disturbing about the use of precision fermentation is that companies are allowed to claim that it’s natural.

Metabolic engineering is a major subset of precision fermentation, which involves methods such as next-generation sequencing, high-throughput library screening, molecular cloning and multiomics “to optimize microbial strains, metabolic pathways, product yields, and bioprocess scale-up.”19 It sounds just like something down on the farm, doesn’t it?

Whether it’s called precision fermentation, gene editing, GMO or something else, don’t fall for the hype that it’s good for you or the planet.

Where Should You Get Your Meat?

If fake meat isn’t healthy, and CAFO meat isn’t a good choice either, a reasonable question is where can you find meat that’s beneficial for your health and the planet? The answer is to get to know a farmer in your area. Visit the farm and view how the animals are being raised.

Get to know the resources available to you within your local community. The community will naturally validate the vendors who are raising food the right way. If you can’t find a local farm for ruminant animals like cows, buffalo or lamb, look for certified organic options at your local grocery store. However, it’s best to stay local and find a source of real, whole food near you.

As much as you can, plant a garden for vegetables, grow fruit trees and even raise chickens if it’s allowed in your area. For the food you can’t source on your own, lean on your community to fill in the gaps.

Just as was the case with GMOs, raising awareness about the dangers of fake meat is also important, especially in this early and aggressively expanding phase. Tell your social circle that to save the planet and support your health, it’s necessary to skip all the fake meat alternatives and opt for real food instead.

When you shop for food, know your farmer and look for regenerative, biodynamic and/or grass fed farming methods, which are what we need to support a healthy, autonomous population.


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Will We See Another Kennedy in the White House?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the author of two books. “American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family,” published in 2018, describes the Kennedys’ 60-year-long fight with the CIA.

His 2021 book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” became a runaway best seller, selling over a million copies, despite unprecedented censorship. In this interview, Kennedy, an attorney, reviews some of the lawsuits filed by Children’s Health Defense (CHD), founded by Kennedy in 2018 (was World Mercury Project in 2016), and why he believes he can “drain the swamp” and clean up our federal agencies if elected president of the United States.

The Trusted News Initiative Lawsuit

One of the most recent lawsuits is the antitrust lawsuit against the Trusted News Initiative (TNI). I and several other journalists and news organizations that have been censored during the pandemic are also plaintiffs in this lawsuit. As explained by Kennedy:

“The Trusted News Initiative lawsuit applies antitrust laws against this really shocking agreement made at the onset of the pandemic, initiated by the BBC.

The BBC … is not officially a government agency. It’s a government-supported network that is supposed to have walls between itself and the government, but recent scandals in Britain have exposed how closely the BBC works with the British Intelligence Agency, MI5, particularly in censoring information on certain subjects, including public health.

This is now well-established. We don’t know how much the British Intelligence Agency had to do with kicking off the TNI, but the BBC approached a dozen top news organizations in the United States, including The New York Times and The Washington Post … and the social media networks … proposing they all censor information that did not comport with government proclamations during the pandemic.”

Importantly, a memorandum by the BBC states that independent news sites are “existential competitors” and a threat to the mainstream media business model and must be crushed.

Eliminating “competition” (which we’re not) was the entire purpose behind TNI, so the basis for the lawsuit is that TNI is violating the Sherman Antitrust Act. As explained by Kennedy, the BBC is using its market power and illegal collaboration with other leading market actors to crush smaller competitors.

First Amendment Cases

The CHD has also filed a number of First Amendment cases, including one against Facebook, which censored the CHD and many other sites. Now, Facebook, as a private company, has the right to censor anyone it wants, for any reason.

However, they CANNOT do it at the behest of the government. If they become government surrogates for censorship — which is what they’ve become — then the First Amendment, the right to free speech, is implicated.

“What we’ve said is that they were taking orders from government officials,” Kennedy says. “When we filed the lawsuit, we knew that was happening, but we did not have the positive proof. Now we do. We have internal memos that show Anthony Fauci collaborating on the censorship with Mark Zuckerberg.

And we now know that Twitter had offered a portal to the FBI and CIA to censor people who did not go along with the government narrative, and that they were aggressively using it. We found emails where the White House specifically asks Twitter to censor Robert Kennedy. So, we have a number of those lawsuits out there.”

We’re Fighting an Uphill Battle

The censorship has caused many of us in independent, alternative media to lose huge amounts of money as we can no longer reach our audiences. And while Kennedy hopes to be able to recover some of these lost revenues, that alone will not effect change.

While the U.S. government and mainstream media are clearly engaged in illegal activity, there’s really no penalty for it unless you sue them, and even if you win, the punitive damages are not going to be severe enough to force a change in behavior. At best, lawsuits bring public attention to the problem and cause embarrassment, which might curtail it somewhat.

Twitter Files Reveal the Breadth of the Illegal Collusion

On the upside, we now know a lot about how they operate because of the Twitter files, released by Elon Musk. As noted by Kennedy, it’s far worse than any of us initially suspected. For example, the FBI has a portal into social media that allows it to remove posts and accounts it doesn’t like.

“That is scary. That is against everything our country was founded on,” Kennedy says. “The single most important premise was that citizens ought to be able to criticize government, which was not true for the American revolutionary generation. You could be punished for criticizing the king.

And they said, we don’t want that anymore. We’re going to have free speech for all. We’re going to make sure that there’s a ferment, that there is a million different ideas bouncing around. And ‘misinformation,’ for better or worse, is constitutionally protected speech.

There are forms of speech that are not constitutionally protected. Inciting violence is not constitutionally protected. Child pornography is not constitutionally protected … But telling a lie to somebody is. It has to be that way because once you appoint an arbiter to tell what’s true and what’s not true, you’ll end up getting one version of truth, and it ultimately will not be the true one.”

Many Were Paid to Lie

Indeed, if the last three years have taught us anything, it’s that self-appointed “arbiters of truth” get it wrong most, if not all, of the time. And, as noted by Kennedy, the crime is not being wrong. The crime is censoring anybody who disagrees, so people never even have the opportunity to discover the error, including themselves (if ignorance is in fact the case).

“In May 2020, I published a post that said the vaccines are going to be DOA, they’re dead on arrival, because the monkey studies just came out and they don’t prevent transmission,” Kennedy says. “This was before the rollout.

I was like, ‘We were looking at their own monkey studies and the concentrations of COVID-19 viruses or SARS-CoV-2 viral loading in the nasopharynxes of the macaque monkeys that they had vaccinated was identical to the loading in the unvaccinated monkeys once they were exposed to the disease.’

So, they knew at that time that this vaccine could not prevent transmission. Everybody knew that. And yet they were saying out loud, ‘It can prevent transmission.’ They had no right, no reason, to say that other than to fool the public.

And then they were censoring people like me who were saying, ‘Wait a minute, how’s this possible? How can you possibly make this claim? Of course it’s not going to prevent transmission.’ So, the crime is not being wrong. Anybody can be wrong. The crime is censoring people who were right or who had alternative viewpoints that prevented them from ever getting anything right.

Listen, if I had to predict what’s going to happen now, it’s very clear, this isn’t a speculation. The Biden administration is trying to give the WHO [World Health Organization] these preemptive powers to declare future pandemics based upon no evidence. So, all they have to say is there’s a pandemic …

And when you declare a pandemic, not only does it give the government extraordinary powers, it gives the pharmaceutical industry immunity from liability. It gives doctors immunity from liability, which is accompanied, of course, by impunity and bad judgment. It also loosens up billions of dollars in subsidies and cash to promote the business models of those pharmaceutical companies.

At least now, we have an independent power to say, ‘We don’t believe WHO and we’re not going to go along with this global emergency.’ Right now we’re about to sign a treaty that will give that power to the WHO. So Jeremy Farrar, who was one of the masterminds of this PSYOP — he was the guy who hid the COVID coverup. He manipulated the Lancet studies. He directed all these virologists who believed that it came from a lab… to say that it didn’t.

Because of the control he has over the funding of virology and infectious disease, and biomedical research globally, he was able to marshal these core groups of virologists who just lied to us openly. And then they all got payoffs from Fauci.

Kristian Andersen, Ph.D., got $ 9 million after he lied to us. Eddie Holmes got $ 9 million to lie. All the guys who participated in the Lancet paper and the Nature Medicine papers — the ones that were then cited by all of the journalists in the world to say it’s been proven there’s no such thing as a lab leak — we now have their emails.

And all those guys believed it was a lab leak, secretly, privately … but they were telling the public it wasn’t. And they all got payoffs of millions and millions of dollars.”

No Evidence to Support Childhood Vaccination Schedule

As noted by Kennedy, the entire field of virology is basically operating as a criminal enterprise. They never have to prove anything and they’re never accountable. For example, they don’t have to prove that vaccines actually work, or that it’s safe to take multiple vaccines at the same time.

“By ‘work,’ I mean five years from now, you’re more likely to be healthier if you got the vaccine than if you didn’t. If you show me that, I’ll take all the vaccines in the world,” Kennedy says. “But there are no studies that support that, and they’re able to escape the standard safety testing, placebo-controlled trials, prelicensure trials that are de rigueur for every other medicine except for vaccines.”

Seventy-two doses of 16 vaccines are now recommended for American children by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. States have the right to mandate them as they see fit, and in California and New York, all 16 vaccines are mandated. But whether they’re mandated or not, there’s tremendous pressure to take them all. 

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In California and New York, you can’t even get a medical exemption. Technically, both states allow medical exemptions, but no doctor will write you one because they risk losing their medical license if they do.

“They’re mandating these 72 doses of 16 vaccines, and they’ve never tested a single one … in a placebo-controlled study. They have no idea what the risk profile is for these medicines and they’re mandating them to healthy people …

You’re taking healthy people with functioning immune systems and you’re forcing them to take something that you don’t know what the outcomes of are. It is criminal,” Kennedy says.

Will We See Kennedy in the Presidential Race? 

Kennedy recently announced he’s considering entering the presidential race if he can garner enough support. Considering two members of the Kennedy family have already been murdered, this requires quite a bit of courage. Clearly, there are risks involved anytime you try to change a corrupt system from within. Kennedy comments:

“I haven’t made the decision yet, but I’m leaning towards doing it. It’s going to give me an opportunity, as it makes it much more difficult for them to censor me, [to] talk about all these issues for the first time without censorship and connect them.

I’ve been an environmental attorney and advocate for 40 years, and I saw the impact of agency capture. That’s why I was able to recognize it so easily when I saw it in the pharmaceutical industry. All these agencies are captured. The pharmaceutical industry owns the National Institutes of Health … CDC, FDA. The coal and oil industry and the pesticide industry own the Environmental Protection Agency.

I was on the trial team in the Monsanto case, which ended up with a $ 13 billion settlement. We had three trials in a row … [and] we did a lot of discovery. We were able to find secret EPA papers that showed the head of the EPA pesticide division for a decade was a man who was secretly working for Monsanto.

So Monsanto was actually directing his movements. In one of the emails we found, Monsanto instructed him to kill a study that was being done by another agency, the Agency for Toxic Substance Control, ATSDR. It’s a smaller agency that focuses just on toxins that’s separate from EPA.

He’d always been able to control the EPA studies and to fix them. But now here’s another agency that Monsanto has no control over that’s actually going to do an independent study on the carcinogenicity of Roundup and glyphosate.

They were desperate to kill that study and he said, ‘I’m going to kill that study for you, but you need to give me a gold medal when I do that.’ So, these were the kind of correspondence he had with his true boss, Monsanto. And this, unfortunately, is true in all the federal agencies.”

Democracy Has Been Subverted

As noted by Kennedy, most government agencies have been captured by the industries they’re supposed to regulate, and as a result, democracy has been subverted, as they’re no longer working for the American people. They’re working for big corporations that are constantly putting profit above safety.

“There’s now a perfect merger of state and corporate power in this country,” Kennedy says, “and the system is rigged against the middle class and the poor. And by the way, among the captured agencies are the CIA and the Pentagon, which have been captured by military contractors, and they don’t care how much the Ukraine war costs us.

Nobody cares because they’re killing Ukrainians, not American kids. So it’s the perfect war for them. And we ship over $ 112 billion and who gets that? It bounces. A lot of it goes into Zelenskyy’s pocket and then it’s bounced back to General Dynamics and all the military contractors. They then hire all the generals when they leave the Pentagon.

Those are the generals you see on CNN every night, gravely saying we need to defend the people of Ukraine. But they’re working for General Dynamic, stuffing their pockets with the money we’re sending over there. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be helping the Ukrainian people or that Vladimir Putin isn’t a thug and a gangster …

But we need to understand that we have intelligence agencies and military agencies whose job it is … to destroy American democracy from within. And that those agencies, their job is to provide a constant pipeline of new wars that are going to feed the military industrial complex which owns them.

Look, we gave a $ 112 billion to Ukraine already. The entire budget of CDC is $ 12 billion. The entire budget of EPA I think is around $ 11 billion. And we have a crisis in this country. We have a child health crisis — 54% of our children have chronic disease and we don’t know what’s causing it.

We have kids going to dilapidated schools. Our infrastructure is falling apart. We have a middle class in this country has been hollowed out and destroyed and we need to start paying attention to these problems here at home and solving them.”

DOT — Another Example of a Captured Agency

The toxic train wreck in East Palestine, Ohio, is another example of what happens when regulatory agencies are captured. According to Kennedy, Norfolk Southern Railway has a weekly revenue of $ 1.5 billion, and its cap for safety violations is $ 225,000. So, there’s no incentive for the railway to make sure safety regulations are followed.

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Its lackadaisical approach to safety has now contaminated an entire region and destroyed the lives of several hundred residents, yet the penalty is barely a drop in their revenue bucket. And again, the reason they’re getting away with this is because the Department of Transportation (DOT) is wholly captured by the big railroad companies.

“I like Pete [Buttigieg], but he’s not a guy who looks at that agency and says, ‘I know it’s a captured agency and I’m going to weed out the people who are corrupt, I’m going to make the trains run on time, I’m going to make sure they have two engineers and I’m going to make sure they’re using electronic controlled brakes and not the brakes they used in the civil war’ — which is what was on this train …

Why is that? Because [the DOT is] a captured agency. The electronic brakes would’ve cost $ 3 billion to put on their entire fleet. That is two weeks of revenue for that company, but they rather spent the money on lobbyists, make sure they didn’t have to do that, and then they took the cash and did a stock buyback.

So, they all are getting rich and the people in East Palestine are now drinking poisoned water, their cats are dying, their cows are dying and their children are now exposed to dioxin. A single molecule of dioxin can cause cancer. It is the most toxic molecule that we know of in the universe that’s not radioactive. It’s horrendously toxic, and it’s now spread over the landscape …”

Why Kennedy Believes He Can Root Out the Corruption

As explained by Kennedy, politicians may start out believing their own campaign promise to end corruption but, in the end, they simply don’t know how to fix the problem. They don’t know how to clean up these agencies. Even presidents have been powerless in this regard.

“You can’t go into an agency with 30,000 or 60,000 employees and fix it overnight unless you know exactly where the problem is,” Kennedy says. “So, they appoint a guy to run that agency who’s usually from the industry … And that guy doesn’t know how to fix it either. So, he relies on the department heads and the branch heads within that agency, and they’re all corrupt and have been there 50 years, like Fauci …

Some of the politicians are even worse. They just get co-opted. They’re taking money from the industry and become slaves to the congressional committee chairs who are all on the take … I feel I can fix this problem like nobody else can, because I know how these agencies work.

I know the individuals in these agencies who need to be moved to Nome, Alaska, and the ones who have been doing favors, who are in the tank with the industry. I know the databases that we need to open and make public so that the independent scientists can do their jobs.

I know how to stop the corruption in the universities by telling the universities you’re not getting money anymore to do these phony pharmaceutical industry studies, or oil industry studies.

I know how to send my attorney general after the journals like the Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine and sue them for racketeering, saying, ‘You are not telling the truth. You’re claiming to tell the truth to people about medicine, but you guys admit it’s not the truth. It’s pharmaceutical industry propaganda.’

All these agencies have that same kind of structure, and I’ve spent 40 years suing them. I’ve spent 20 years suing the United States Department of Agriculture for doing favors for Smithfield Foods, Tyson Food, Bo Pilgrim, Cargill and Monsanto. It’s a captive agency …

I feel like I should do this, and that it will give me a chance to talk to the American people. If people want to hear the truth, I’ll win. If they want business as usual, then I won’t. But for me it’s irrelevant. I’m going to fight as hard as I can to win. But my only real concern is to leave this process with my integrity intact and my family.

If I can protect my family and have my integrity, then I’ve done what I’m supposed to do. If I didn’t do this, I would feel like it was an opportunity that I had missed. I might, if I can win, change things. And I know how to change things probably better than any politician who has run in the last 20 years …

A lot of the changes that I could make are changes that I wouldn’t need Congress for — how to restructure the agencies, including the intelligence agencies, so that they begin to work for the American people and for actual national security rather than what they’ve been doing.

My father had a plan for reorganizing the CIA that I think is still relevant today … The problem is the espionage aspect of the CIA … [It should be] information gathering and analysis to the president to make better decisions, but that’s not what the agency ended up doing …

It has nothing in its charter that it would allow it to do paramilitary operations to fix elections, assassinate leaders, kidnap, kill people, torture people. None of that was part of its initial mission.

[Allen] Dulles [the founding director of the CIA] snuck that in through generous interpretations of some of the charter provisions. And then what happened, the plans division, which is the dirty tricks division, became the tail that was wagging the espionage dog.

And the espionage function of CIA, it should be oversight of the plans division. They should be antagonistic towards each other … The problem with the CIA is it has never learned from mistakes. It never does, because there’s never any accountability … Patriotism means a faithfulness to the United States Constitution above all. Above all. And if you don’t know that, you shouldn’t be in government.”

How You Can Support Kennedy’s Presidential Bid

If you want to support Kennedy in his bid for president of the United States, be sure to visit For updates on the litigation Kennedy is involved in, sign up for the CDH newsletter, The Defender, on

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